About me.

I’m a Ph.D. Candidate in the Literature Department at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

I teach and tutor students in literature and writing composition. I’m also a consultant for digital pedagogy and curricular design.

Tell me about your English.


I specialize in women’s literature of the Americas during the long 20th century. My research focuses on personal narratives–including letters, diaries, autobiographies, oral histories, interviews, film documentaries, and social media–to consider how female subjects narratively present their lives and are represented in media.

Teaching and Tutoring

British and American Literatures

In addition to Anglo and Latin American women’s literatures of the 20th century, I’m familiar with British and American literatures in general, from the early modern period to present-day. I teach a variety of literary forms and genres including poetry, prose, plays, and new media. I coach students to read literary texts using different critical and theoretical approaches and offer tips for close reading.


Writing is hell for everyone but it can be especially challenging for students who feel self-conscious about grammar or English language proficiency. For this reason, I privilege reading and the study of rhetoric (persuasive, evidence-based arguments) over grammar drills. Good readers become good writers, and good ideas are harder to develop than good grammar.

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