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I offer private tutoring in the following areas:

British and American Literatures

Although my research centers on the personal narratives of women in the Americas during the 20th-century, my broader areas of expertise include British and American literatures from Shakespeare to Latin American fiction to 21st-century digital texts. I can provide cultural and historical context to help students make sense of complex novels, short stories, poetry, and literary nonfiction.

Rhetoric and Composition

Many students find writing daunting, particularly if they’re not confident in English grammar or language proficiency. For this reason, I privilege the study of rhetoric (or the skill of making persuasive, evidence-based arguments) over grammar drills. In my experience, students who are able to master smooth rhetorical moves naturally pick up good grammar habits over time. I focus on building students’ confidence by effectively structuring the good ideas they already have, then provide tips for polishing prose later on.

Critical and Literary Theory

As a current graduate student, I’m in the thick of theory ALL. THE. TIME. This means I’m up to snuff on a range of critical conversations including Marxism, materialism, feminism, queer theory, critical race theory, archival theory, postcolonialism and decolonialism, semiotics, ecocritism, affect theory, thing theory, psychoanalysis, and more! Check out my sample theory salons for examples of how we can think through complex ideas together.