About Me

Emily Grace Travis

Reader, writer, thinker.

Who I Am

I’m a Southern California transplant who lives in Oakland and studies literature in Santa Cruz. Through family connections and research, I also draw a dotted line to Southern Brazil.

I research American women’s diaries for a living and read science fiction and suspense novels for fun. I can thank my mother for this omnivorous reading diet: she read to me every night when I was a child, and we practically lived at the public library on weekends and during summers.

My lifelong love of reading has paid off: I earned a BA in English Literature from UCLA, an MA in English Language and Literatures from Mills College, and expect to earn a Ph.D. in Literature from UC Santa Cruz in 2023.

What I Do

I think about reading and writing in the following ways:

Other Things That I Do

I really do love long walks on the beach, and I’ve found that I do some of my best thinking there. I’m also a fair-weather runner, an aspirational yogi, an avid puzzler, and a pretty accomplished pickler.